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Company Introduction

Company Introduction

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    Company Introduction
    Changzhou dongsheng testing instrument co., ltd. is a professional r & d and manufacturing of metallurgical industry automation production line sensor testing instruments as the leading products of enterprises. The company has passed ISO9001 quality system certification. We have developed and produced more than ten series of detectors, such as looped scanner, hot metal detector, displacement detector and infrared thermometer, which can directly replace the detectors of foreign products. The products are used in the metallurgical production system from steelmaking to rolling, and have been selected by various steel enterprises such as wisco and baosteel, and have entered the international market.

    The company in the spirit of continuous progress, the pursuit of excellence, excellence, the courage to innovate the purpose. We are willing to become the long-term ideal partner of customers at home and abroad and develop more products that meet the needs of metallurgical production.
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